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Community description:Write 75000 words or more in 2019
[community profile] inkingitout is an annual writing challenge and support community for large word counts (75,000 words or more over the year). Sign-ups are open until 1 January 2019. Sign ups are now closed for 2019. Check back later in the year for the next challenge.

[community profile] inkingitout is about getting your words down: whether that's original fiction, fan fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, theses, dissertations, or hard-hitting journalism.

[community profile] inkingitout is a challenge and support community that runs during the calendar year; sign-ups for 2019 will run until 1 January 2018 when the challenge begins.

[community profile] inkingitout projects are up to you and customizable to your needs and interests. The minimum word goal for the entire year must be at least 75,000 words (one project or multiple) but there is no upper limit.

[community profile] inkingitout offers a monthly check-in post for you to let the community know how you are doing with your goal. No one gets kicked out if you don't meet your word goal, but please post and let us know how you are coming along. Radio silence is bad for community.

[community profile] inkingitout offers a weekly check in/support post. If the muse took off for vacation or you can't find the information you need to finish a piece, we're here for you. We're also here for you if you have something amazing going on and want to share it with us. This is the place for chit-chat and getting to know the community.

[community profile] inkingitout aims to be a safer and more accessible community. Please do not "hard code" or "code inline" [code specific fonts or sizes] any of your comments and please warn for potentially triggering material. Comments that use "hard code" will be deleted.
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